Where are my diamonds? How to find them easily?

Since smart phones are so widely used nowadays, searching for a new app must be one of the things that you have done before.

Recently I have been searching for some journaling and diary apps as my new year resolution. Such apps will help me develop a new good habit in 21 days.

So I searched my app purchase history and found 1 app that I bought and used back in 2018. I then reactived it and got excited about it.

I was then not satisfied with its functionality, so I spent some more time searching for some alternative apps – free or paid version. I am happy to pay if it can really help me make the change.

I found a couple of good ones and then tested them, which became more and more time consuming.

I then started to realise the reality and asked myself this one question: Do I really need this? Such a complex app? Or a simple and small app will suit me better?

The answer was simple and clear. I only need the most simplest app to get me start on Journaling and blogging journey. Also, if they are free (Yes a I am a big fan of Freemium model when it comes to Saas), it would be great.

So they are Five Miniute Journaling, Draftin.com, Google Keep and Notion.so

Sometime free is the premium, if you know what you really want and have acted on it.

There is a book called “Acres of Diamonds” which is a self-help book. One of the most important statement is that the precious diamond are actually buried at your backyard but you just keep searching elsewhere outside your home.

What is the key take away?

Look inside and look around! The solutions may be very closed to you. They are free and have the value of diamonds

Aaron Chen

Digital Marketer, SEOer, Inbound and Content Marketer, Blogger, Bootstrapper

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