9 Thoughts Inspired by the best selling book E-Myth Revisited

1. Your mind is like your body, it’s yours to develop (Either strengthen it or weaken it)

2. Work on your business rather than work in it.

3. Are you a Technician, Manager or Entrepreneur? Both of them or all of them? Who do you want to be? What actions to be taken today?

4. What is your goal ONE month for now? THREE months from now? SIX months from now? ONE year from now? THREE / FIVE Years from now? TEN-TWENTY years from now? What is the strategic plan? 1 hour’s planning can save 3 hours of execution.

5. If you can’t sell your business, you don’t own a business, you own a job.

6. What is your responsibility in life and in business? What are you accountable for? Write things down and put things up!

7. Money drives everything forward and our first duty in life/business is NOT be “Poor”

8. McDonald is a great business model, so study it!

9. Ask ourselves these 2 questions everyday:

(1) Why am I doing what I am doing.

(2) Am I doing things in a right way or am I doing the right things?And YES, your day, your month, your year and your life are the same things.

Aaron Chen

Digital Marketer, SEOer, Inbound and Content Marketer, Blogger, Bootstrapper

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