Proximity is power In business and here is why

Whoever gets closed to the customers win, Wins!

Looking at WeChat which is the very most powerful and popular app in China, it is not merely an app. It is an eco-system and people in China can’t live without it.

Whoever stay closed to the money, Wins!

Look at the finance industry. Look at all the banks and see how much money each bank and each financial institute makes. Look at how much a fund manager makes on average each year. They are dealing with customers directly and are closed to people’s money.

Whoever get attentions from the customers, Wins!

Well, getting attentions from the customers is not the last step to win, but it is definitely the first step in the process of building a successful business nowadays.

There are so much information and knowledge in the world at this age. People are overwhelmed by the overloaded information. We receive them intentionally or unconsciously.

If your content can get their attention, it means that your content is closed to them enough and if it is valuable, most probably the content will influence the customers, earn their trust and win the competition of attentions.

Whoever get closed to customers’ emotions, Wins!

Why people link to your content, share your content or talk about your content? Not only because it is useful, interesting, informative, educational, entertaining, quality or any other beneficial words that you can think of.

Most importantly, it the content that you deliver to the customer trigger their emotions and they can’t help but do something about it, which make them become your advocates. And once they like your content more and more, they may like the products and services that you are selling.

What is the key take away?

Proximity is power and it takes great effort to get closed to something in business and in life, but the reward is tremendous. We should try to learn and try to get closed to the people and things that are most important. By doing so, you can build valuable connections

Aaron Chen

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