Asking good questions is the key to successful change

Oftentimes, making change is hard. It requires will power, motivations, time and effort or even lots of money in some cases.

But if the change we want to make will make us become better people or improve our business that has huge value, then we should leave the comfort/familiar zone to make it happen in spite of the resistance and the fears we will come across

It is all about replacing the old habits by developing new habits and daily routines. In other words, our brain need to be trained and our subconscious mind should get used to the new habits so we can do things with little efforts

Steve Chandler, the one of the best motivational speakers called this “Habit replacement”.

We will have to use a good habit to replace the old one. Old habit couldn’t be gotten rid of. They are there to keep us survive. Put it in another way, the old habits exist for some reasons, although they are not making us better people or improve our decision making.

So how can we become more conscious which will help us make the change that we want to make?

The answer is asking good questions.

Asking questions to oneself is a process of self talk. Self taking seems scary. When you are self talking in front of some people, they may think that you are insane

But so what?

If self talk can help us get what we want, then it is the right thing to do.

Luckily, to ask yourself good questions, it is not necessary to speak out. We can also answer the pre-set questions with writing.

So what are the questions that we can ask to improve?

  1. Is what I am making valuable?
  2. Will what I am doing that get me the results I want?
  3. How can I make the process easier? In other words, how can I make this process cost less by having spending less time, effort, money, energy with less overhead, communication and distraction

The list can go on and on and you can create your own list of pre-set questions.

Asking yourself these questions early in the morning with journaling and writing the answers down after reflecting at the end of the day when you are brushing your teeth would be two good ways to get started.

The importance of self-awareness couldn’t be stressed enough and remember that, effective leaders are always reflective leader

We brush our teeth for dental health everyday, why not ask good questions to our brain and make positive changes in our life?

Aaron Chen

Digital Marketer, SEOer, Inbound and Content Marketer, Blogger, Bootstrapper

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